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September 04, 2018


Two years ago I moved to Ireland, and before I moved here I had the hobbit to write in my personal blog more often.

I haven’t done this over last time for a few reasons but one of the most important it the feeling that my English is not good enough or is not at the level I would like to write thoughts, concepts and other things.

This thought stating changing after I found this TED Talk{:target="_blank"}

According to this article on babbel magazine{:target="_blank"} over 7.5b people, 1.5b speaks English but only 360m people speak English as their first language, this is only 24% of English speakers.

Knowking I wont stop trying to improve my language I’m feeling the need to start writing again, and many of the topics I want to write about came from a daily life in an English context, reason why needs to be in English and not in Spanish.

If by any chance, after all this explanation, you think and believe my English level is not good enough for transmitting a message, an idea, or anything I would like to transmit; knowing in my case that Im using the language as a tool, and only in that way; I’ll invite you to use your time in any other thing that will be a better experience for you and stop using that time here.

sincerely, Agustin

Agustin Vinao
Agustin Vinao.

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Change: Know that nothing stays the same.