Angular2 was released. Many people is trying to do new projects with this new framework, and thats the starting point for problems.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Dont kill the messenger

The javascript world isn’t easy, too many options, too many ways to do exactly the same, and at some point, all feels like if all of this frameworks are in a race to get more customers or sell to more people their advantages.

One way to do this “selling” is to try to create an 5 minutes tutorial to get up and running your application with the framework. At the same time this new frameworks offers a powerful tool to drive a ship to the moon. How can you start in 5 minutes a tool to drive a ship to the moon? thats impossible. This great tools needs to decide how to start to do this “selling speech” in a better way.

Time to get the idea.

Is not a revelation to say Im not native english speaker, you saw this in my previous lines. I always remember an english teacher I had always say to me “learning english take time, not to learn the grammar, takes time to assimilate it. As any other language”.

The same thing we have it with all this new frameworks. Im not speaking with the small ones, im pointing this idea with the biggest frameworks, for example angular 2, react.

This kind of frameworks changes the way you thing your application, and you can detect those change when you need to change the architecture behind your coding.

For example React changes the “data flow” to say it in an easy way, angular2 allows you to code the core of your app and add a layer of presentation for each type of displays, html, mobile native, desktop.

This features can’t be achieved in a 5 minutes tutorial. You need to study, yes, this industry is not for lazy people, too many developers trying to do/start working on a new tool in a weekend tutorials. This is like learn to drive in two days, you’re going to be able to move the card after two days lessons, but go to the highway or to the city center is going to require practice, time, and many more.

What kind of developer do you want to be?

Many jobs ask your stack overflow username to see what have you published. I dont have a stack overflow user, I think is a nice and a good resource when you forgot how to write the “document.ready” line for jQuery but is one of the worst places to get the correct information. Too many people writing script for any other people searching for copy/paste code in their apps.

After almost 3 years working with angular 1.x im still go to the official documentation to read/learn/confirm something. Thats the reason for documentation, but the people that goes to stack overflow is because they’re lazy and they try to get that piece of code to copy/paste.

I saw people making strong opinions about angular and seeing the same person without any knowledge about angular to write.

I have working with Rails almost 10 years, and tat framework creates the bases for many other frameworks. The convention over configuration rule puts some order in a messy world. Now, in the Javascript ecosystem, things are shacked with many options and any of this options trying to define rules to define the starting point for the rest.

But all this new order needs to live with all this lazy developers who wants to lear how to delivery space ships to new planets in less than 5 minutes with 5 lines of code.


This behaviour from many developers is the best I can see for the many other of us who see and understand that all this different frameworks do, more or less, the same, none of each one has created anything new, and you can do, more or less, the same using anyone.

So, if you want to learn a new of this tools, avoid stack overflow, go to the official documentation, put time to catch the idea behind each one and remove the marketing of learning in a weekend or have a running example in 5 minutes. Too many TODO apps showing different tools, but no good example with real applications. That TODO app takes 5 minutes, but real challenges takes time.