How I want to work from my home?

I’m a web programmer, I did more than 12 years of code. I worked in VB6, PHP, Java and other languages. But in Ruby on Rails i found the best election for how I do all the things I want to do.

I like starting to program with TDD and end with BDD if the project need it. Not all systems need BDD, some projects are too small to use it.

I worked in Buenos Aires from half 2009 to half 2010, I came back to Mar del Plata because I felt that the city is a distraction to work, I don’t like traveling from my home to my work every day and lose too much time in that.

I work in my home, I start to work from early in the morning to finish it in the afternoon or when the work need it.

Usually the companies in my country think that the work need to be done in offices, where the people see one to each other, but in this world, where the technologies are the base for my task, the need to be in the same place, is a lost of time.

When I worked to a company from Canada, from November 2009 to April 2010, i felt  than the job was good, I worked from my home and my place was the best for my performance.

But i saw that I need best skills in communication for new jobs, my english wasn’t good, I needed to rise my skill in that. After that, I started to learn english, and this blog it’s become the prove of that. All my post are in English, don’t matter if I do mistakes, I try to do the best when I write.

The south american think about the way to work it’s put in the human relations, and they don’t put necessary effort in the results. Cultures like north american or european are more specific in results, the best way to do, will be the way to do it.

I started search jobs in North America and Europe, to work from internet. When I see this video I understand why I feel better in my home to do my job than in a office.

The video it’s a interesting way to think about if a office is the better place or the incorrect place to do your work.

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